"Women We Admire" in honor of Women’s History Month

Two years ago, Malala Yousafzai was just another schoolgirl living in the Swat Valley in Pakistan. The Taliban cautioned women that they should stay out of the school systems, for they believed that only men should be educated. Malala and her family decided not to heed the warning. She became an advocate for female education, speaking out against the Taliban’s conservative ideas of male and female roles. The Taliban heard Malala’s voice and decided to silence it. Malala was shot point blank in the head. At this point, it seemed that Malala’s journey was over; however, her perseverance shined through. She made a full recovery and became an even stronger advocate for female education. Since then, Malala has written a book entitled “I Am Malala” and continues to advocate for women’s rights.

Why Girls Should Not Cut Their Hair Short

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